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It seems I cannot escape games

2017-07-14 05:38:18 by Funkmachine

So despite my best efforts my mind keeps coming up with more and more game ideas, so I have decided to give it another go.

I will probably work on a missile storm 2, taking the feedback on board, and try to make it more bulletish next time, with a configurable ship.

But before that I have another idea. It came to me why listening to some awesome synthwave here on NG, I am going to ask the creator if I can use the song in my new idea, if they give the go ahead I will make a multi directional shooting platformer with a destructable env and awesome music.

I am not putting pressue on myself though, so no idea when this project will be finished. I am going to try and enjoy the process more this time. I have to make my games for me. Hopefully everything will work out well.


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2017-07-14 06:00:22

Cool those sound fun! Good luck to you and let me know if you need a writer for any story or dialogue elements :)

Funkmachine responds:

Haha, its funny you should ask, because I am seriously considering outsourcing as much of this project as possible. In the past I did everything myself, and its not worked out great really. My UI's ugly, because I hate designing UI's so I may get someone to design the ui for me, and ill build it. I would be much happier with a spec. And the stories of my games are never good, So yeah, maybe we could work together, because I know what I want to call it, I just have no idea what the story line will be! PM me if you want more details and are interested.