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Madness Game

2017-09-12 08:44:27 by Funkmachine

I have just rewatched the entire madness series and have decided I want to make a madness game. My art and animation skills are not good, so the development of the animations will take a while. But I just love the series, and I like project nexus, but I find the game far to laggy, at least on my machine it is. I think ill make the game in HTML5 instead of flash and maybe it could be more performant.

I know project nexus is awesome, but I really want a smooth john wick running and gunning feeling, and I just love madness so why not. 

If anyone has any sprites or links to free madness sprites and guns, sound effects to get me started that would really help me along. Coding is no problem, its my day job. It just all the creative shit that slows me down on every project!

For the death animations I was thinking of making a simple physic engine, so you shoot the legs they fall forward, shotgun to the chest and they should shoot backwards across the screen etc. And who doesnt want dynamic head explosions :D

I think I will write a new story, so like a new character. I am open to suggestions if anyone wants to help with any aspect just pm me. 

Wish me luck NG. I will need it. 


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2017-09-12 09:18:55

I can do all of the animations for you. And the art ( if you want ).
Just reply if you are up for this idea.

Funkmachine responds:

Sounds good to me! It will be a html5 game though, no flash. I pm'ed u with the details.