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epic. but no tarboy :(

still its class. the middle finger bit was awsome.

I wish i could tell story's like you

The whole thing is just amazing. the art is hand drawn and then photoshoped in. visionary. and beautiful. another great for you 2.

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Would jam my Battle axe into Dreadmir's eye again. I've never considered making a text based game before but this was very good. I will have play a few more of them. Good job. I like the layout and colours.

KungFuSpaceBarbarian responds:

Aww yeah beat up Dreadmir and make fun of his mom! Thanks for reviewing :)

Outstanding :D I really love the art/music and gameplay. Game me a serious retro feel, like I was playing sonic and knuckles or something. really nice work. You are an inspiration to shoddy developers like myself :) keep up the good work.

Butzbo responds:

Woah, Thanks!, I'd say the game is heavily influenced by 90s platformers, especially the Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis era, so that's a good sign :)

I really liked this, my favorite game of the Jam so far. The art style is seriously awesome. Is this based on some kind of sci-fy world? The game-play is a bit laggy at times, and sometimes bullets pass right through bots, but its strangely addictive.

pokkalabs responds:

Thanks for your review, glad you liked it! The world is indeed a sci-fy one, however some elements are missing due to time limits of the jam. But there's a chance for this to become a full game with the proper fixes and additions! So stay tuned!

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Sweet. Your stuff is awesome!

sydnorth responds:

ty ty

Half machine, half Ghost, you are a genius. Nice work, would look great in a platformer game.

Troxath responds:

Yeah he is meant to be ghost able to reside in metal or mechanical armor. I'm going to flesh his design out soon.

Appropriate title, its pretty stunning.

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