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I've tried to reach him in the past. I even went through the wayback machine to try links he once had on his page. All of it has led to dead ends. I don't even care if he ever makes new content again. I just kinda wanted to know he was doing alright, especially now. The last time I shared PMs with him was nearly a year ago.

August 6: "I eat pennies for breakfast. Also, I want you to know I missed you the most <3
But seriously, doing great man. The move was a success and I didn't get fired from my job (yet) so that's good. I'm hoping to be back on here for a while!
How's everything with you?"

August 7: "What are you playing right now? The last new game I played was Spiderman on the PS4 and I enjoyed that a lot more than I thought it would. Big improvement from the PS1 Spiderman I used to play haha. Lately I've been going back to starcraft and playing custom matches though :p
Do some light stretching to work out that soreness!"

That was it. He mentioned nothing about disappearing the way he did and I find that worrisome. I really do hope @KungFuSpaceBarbarian is alive, well, and within arm's reach of a hot slice of fresh pizza at all times.

@Phronemophobia Yeah its the same for me, its not about new content, he is a great guy and I just wanted to talk to him again. When his discord server disappeared all of our conversations went with it.

Last communication I had with his was that he was moving across the US and would be offline for a bit during the move, so it was radio silence for a while. Then the great purge happened :/

I know he removed some of his content in the past due, but they usually came back after a few days. And I know he did media fasting in the past also, I remember a time when he was trying to stay off newgrounds etc. I suppose he struggled a bit with confidence in his content. Which always seemed crazy to me because people love his work. Maybe he is happier being off the internet, and maybe his personal life and relationships are better as a result, if that's the case then I don't mind him vanishing as long as he is happier for it.

Still, I hope he doesn't mind me using his IP for a few games! People need crypt shyfter! I guess he will have to contact me to say otherwise muhahahahaa.

long story short, just hoping he's doing great!