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Madness Game

2017-09-12 08:44:27 by Funkmachine

I have just rewatched the entire madness series and have decided I want to make a madness game. My art and animation skills are not good, so the development of the animations will take a while. But I just love the series, and I like project nexus, but I find the game far to laggy, at least on my machine it is. I think ill make the game in HTML5 instead of flash and maybe it could be more performant.

I know project nexus is awesome, but I really want a smooth john wick running and gunning feeling, and I just love madness so why not. 

If anyone has any sprites or links to free madness sprites and guns, sound effects to get me started that would really help me along. Coding is no problem, its my day job. It just all the creative shit that slows me down on every project!

For the death animations I was thinking of making a simple physic engine, so you shoot the legs they fall forward, shotgun to the chest and they should shoot backwards across the screen etc. And who doesnt want dynamic head explosions :D

I think I will write a new story, so like a new character. I am open to suggestions if anyone wants to help with any aspect just pm me. 

Wish me luck NG. I will need it. 

So despite my best efforts my mind keeps coming up with more and more game ideas, so I have decided to give it another go.

I will probably work on a missile storm 2, taking the feedback on board, and try to make it more bulletish next time, with a configurable ship.

But before that I have another idea. It came to me why listening to some awesome synthwave here on NG, I am going to ask the creator if I can use the song in my new idea, if they give the go ahead I will make a multi directional shooting platformer with a destructable env and awesome music.

I am not putting pressue on myself though, so no idea when this project will be finished. I am going to try and enjoy the process more this time. I have to make my games for me. Hopefully everything will work out well.

I know why my games suck

2017-07-05 16:20:06 by Funkmachine

I have come to understand that being able to code, does mean you can make a good game. I have always been a good coder, yet my games have always been bad. And I guess my problem was that I was confusing wirting a performant game with good game design. So yeah, I get it now why all my games suck and are not fun. But hey, at least the code works just fine.

Missile storms bad reception and shitty score are pretty hard to take. I spent a lot of time on making game run smooth and load super fast. I mean the shit that gets through the portal on a daily basis with better scores than my game just makes it all seem like a waste of time. 

Anyway, I going to find a new hobby, one that doesnt involve games. And it probably wont involve NG either T_T

MissileStorm Released!

2017-06-16 11:06:03 by Funkmachine

Well It took 6 months of solo development but my HTML5 game MissileStorm has finally been published.

I dont want to set my expectations very high, but I have put a lot of effort into the game and I am hopeful it will do well. I love backend coding and hate UI coding, hence the reason my UI is not great but the gameplay should be a smooth 60fps, even with hundreds of bots on the screen.

I am not sure what to do now, I have a few ideas for new games but I want to try and reuse as much of the code as I can to speed up development. So I was thinking about either a tower defence game, or MissileStorm 2 with more guns, bots etc.

I guess I'll wait and see what the feedback on MissileStorm is like before I make any decisions. I know its not the greatest game ever made, but 4/5 stars is the target.

Game near Completion

2017-04-27 06:04:36 by Funkmachine

My first game in like 6 years is almost ready. Now that the game is nearly complete I find myself wondering why I made the game in the first place. I suppose I am finally in a place in my life where I have the time to be creative again. It’s great to be coding games again, and to be jotting down ideas for games/levels/stories. However, I find I am always disappointed with what I produce in terms of art. What I envisage is always a million times cooler than the junk I actually produce. Also, I hate building menus.

I am desperate for feedback on my creation but at the same time I am scared people will not like it, I may get a bad score, or bad reviews. Also, I am notorious for making games that are not fun. I think these worries are holding me back from finishing the game. I am so close now to completion, but my pace is actually slowing, I should have been finished a few weeks ago.

I think I have made some great improvements over the last few iterations, but I cannot ask my friends to play test it any more, they have played it many times already and I am sure they must be sick of it by now. I may try and find someone on the game dev portal to give it a whirl.

If you did read this far random stranger, whats wrong with you? Also it’s a bullet hell multi directional shooter with a high scoreboard and a 10 level campaign(about and hour to complete the campaign) made in HTML5. Ping me if you are interested in play testing it.


I have decided to start learning pixel art for real. I have been dabbling at it for years, but never actually followed tutorials or paid much detail to sprites or just used free sprites. But this year I am going to try harder. 

I think I will start with this tutorial.


This Little dude on my first go!

This little guy I did yesterday. Well at least, I can only improve right.